Working Groups

Each working group has a specific focus on a science area and/or a technical area. Click through to learn more about the work in each group. The working groups use the DESC Science Roadmap (SRM) for long-range planning, defining their tasks in terms of the mission-critical software and dataset development, and supporting research activity, that is needed for the collaboration to meet its science goals. You can download the latest version of the SRM from the list below.

Analysis Working Groups

  1. Weak Lensing 
  2. Large Scale Structure 
  3. Supernovae 
  4. Clusters
  5. Strong Lensing 
  6. Theory and Joint Probes
  7. Photometric Redshifts

Computing and Simulation Working Groups

  1. Cosmological Simulations
  2. Survey Simulations 
  3. Software and Computing Infrastructure 

Technical Working Groups

  1. Sensor Anomalies
  2. Photometric Corrections