Registration for the August 2022 DESC Meeting in Chicago

Monday - Friday, August 1-5, 2022

There is an in-person registration fee of $50 for junior participants and $150 for senior participants, which includes venue costs, morning and afternoon coffee breaks, lunch, a reception Monday evening, other miscellaneous costs, and conference dinner Wednesday evening. Late registration, after July 15th, will include a $50 surcharge.
Remote participation is free.
Please join the LSSTC Slack channel #desc-collab-meeting to keep updated on chats, discussions, and announcements during the meeting.
You can find the the details of the schedule on this confluence page.

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Collaboration Meeting, Aug 1-5 2022
University of Chicago
Covid-19 regulations

To ensure the safety of the meeting, in-person participants are asked to verify that they have received a full course of vaccination and that they will comply with the regulations for Covid-19 safety at the event, which includes wearing a mask during indoor sessions.

You must agree to follow the Covid-19 rules.
You must agree to follow the Covid-19 rules.
For the current Covid-19-related information at UChicago, see:
Collaboration dinner

The Collaboration dinner will be held on Wednesday, August 3rd. The cost of the dinner is covered by the registration fee.


To help you remember your visit to Chicago, the LOC is planning some surprises. If you are willing to share your t-shirt size we'll make sure the surprise fits you perfectly. Readily available sizes are S, M, L, and XL but we will try our best to accomodate requests for additional sizes.

DESC Meeting Contact Persons
As described in the DESC Meeting Contact Person Policy, Meeting Contact Persons (MCPs) will be available (by Zoom and Slack) to meeting participants and be afforded the authority to take action to resolve disputes, conflicts, or harmful situations. MCPs will be selected from eligible participants, and be appointed by the Collaboration Council and the Management Team. All MCP appointments will be confirmed and scheduled with candidates before the meeting.

Session Facilitators
Special opportunity! This will be an in-person meeting for those who can travel to Chicago, but those who cannot are encouraged to participate remotely via Zoom. You (as a meeting participant) can help ensure the success of this meeting by enrolling as a Session Facilitator for one or two sessions; this would involve, e.g. monitoring the chat window or raised hands in the participant list on Zoom, and generally helping where needed. For a quick look at what's involved, see the Session Facilitator's Cheat Sheet. New/junior members are especially encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity as it will help gain familiarity within the DESC community.

Speed Chat

This is a new networking opportunity for JuDO members to "speed chat" with working group (WG) conveners, Pipeline Scientists (PS), and Computing Infrastructure (CI) team members. Each chat is 5 minutes (one-on-one) with a randomly assigned WG, PS, or CI. There will be several rounds of chats within a dedicated parallel session.

A/V Accommodations

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