On this page you will find a list of useful points of contact for the LSST Dark Energy Science Collaboration (DESC). 

DESC Management Team

Inquiries of the DESC Spokesperson team can be sent to: lsst-desc-spokesperson [at]

Spokesperson team emerita: Phil Marshall (SLAC, serving as “Past Spokesperson” until end of 2019), Eric Gawiser (Rutgers, deputy), Rachel Bean (Cornell), Jeff Newman (Pitt, deputy), Bhuvnesh Jain (U. Pennsylvania), Steve Kahn (SLAC), Gregory Dubois-Felsmann (IPAC, deputy) 

DESC Advisory Board

DESC Analysis Working Groups

Coordinator: Anze Slosar (BNL)

DESC Computing and Simulations Working Groups

Coordinator: Katrin Heitmann (ANL)

DESC Technical Working Groups

Coordinator: Pierre Antilogus (LPNHE/IN2P3)

2017-2019 DESC Task Forces

Operations Committee

International Resources Committee

LSST Project Liaisons

Other Project Liaisons

External Resources Liaisons

Collaboration Council (CC)

Council members are elected for 2-year terms, with ten new members elected each year. Their current year is given in parentheses after their institution. The CC elects its own chair, each year.


Membership Committee

Publication Board

Junior DESC Organization

Meetings Committee

Operations Staff

The DESC Pipeline Scientists (PS) and Computing Infrastructure personnel (CI) are committed to development of the collaboration’s mission-critical software and datasets.

Development Team Leads

The LSST DESC is building a number of software tools for use in its data simulation, processing and analysis pipelines. Public releases of key packages are listed below, with their development team leaders as points of contact.

DESC Builders

The following members have been granted DESC Builder Status, in accordance with the LSST DESC Builder Status Policy, which states that DESC Builder Status is a recognition given by the LSST DESC to those members who have made significant contributions to building the collaboration, both its community and its simulation and analysis pipeline and infrastructure software.